Cooking Stove, Portable Cooking Stove (comes with a bottle of Gas Cartridge): 1 for 200 yen
?Additional bottle of Gas Cartridge 200 yen A set of Cookware (Pot, Pan, Grill, etc) : Free!Rice Cooker, Fridge, Microwave, Oven : Free!
?Fridge is in each guest rooms

Washing Machine (comes with liquid detergent) : 1 time for 200 yen

Heating : 500 yen

A set of Futon Bedding : 500 yen

Rental Yukata  : 300 yen

Rental Towel : 100 yen

Changing sheets for Futon bedding : 500 yen *Those prices above are price for 1-day use. If you are staying longer period, please contact us.
*Please return cookware and dishes after you wash them.
*It is for free to use equipped dishes and seasonings.
*You can buy soup, toothbrush, and so on at the the purchasing division.

Price for private use of the room with Japanese traditional hearth

Guests staying at YUWAKU (1 group per day only) : 1500 yen for 3 hours
Only using the room with Japanese traditional hearth : 3000 yen for 6 hours